ZEN.COM presents a digital asset transfer solution

Mastercard-powered ZEN.COM digital money transfer service has introduced digital asset transfers between wallets and exchanges, according to the official press release.

More exactly, ZEN.COM has introduced the conversion of fiat currency into digital assets, as well as the transfer of fiat currencies to any digital wallet serving BTC, ETH or USD-T (ERC-20), with more currencies. coming in the nearest future, like BNB or support for USD-T (TRC-20). The platform will allow users to convert fiat currency into digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD-T (ERC-20). Additionally, users can convert digital assets to EUR and then to over 30 fiat currencies managed by ZEN.COM wallet such as GBP or USD.

The service will work with digital wallets and exchanges that serve the assets supported by ZEN.COM. It will accept and convert digital assets to fiat upon receipt. Currently, the service supports Bitcoin (including instant transfers and top-ups), Ethereum and USD-T, as well as Litecoin (only transfers from a fiat account to an exchange or wallet). The company is looking to expand this list in the coming months of 2022. ZEN.COM has reportedly performed a thorough due diligence on the digital assets it supports, in order to provide secure service to its customers.

In some countries it is still incredibly difficult to transfer money both nationally and internationally – ZEN.COM aims to provide a simple solution to this problem, with the addition of digital assets being a natural extension of this. service. The application aims to provide users with an optimal customer experience through its simple interface, fast conversions and transfers, the provision of currency conversions at competitive market rates and the possibility of an additional twelve month warranty on the application. electronics purchased via the card.

ZEN.COM does not support digital assets. The technology partner responsible for providing the service is Triple-A.

Sylvia B. Polson