Western Union integrates Mambu into its new digital banking platform in Europe

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mambuthe cloud banking platform, partnered with Western Uniona global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, to integrate its solution into the latter’s next-generation real-time multi-currency digital wallet and digital banking platform in Europe.

Mambu will enable Western Union to extend the relationship with its customers and create a new banking experience. With its native cloud platform, Mambu has 70 million daily users and more than 230 banks and financial institutions as customers.

Built on Mambu, Western Union’s digital banking app UT+ will bring together a range of features that make it easier to transfer money, manage cards and view transactions.

Mambu gives Western Union full control over the deployment of new banking products and services that are easy to configure and integrate with external applications. In a single native mobile app, customers can create a new account in minutes by selecting a subscription model and start saving and spending instantly.

The new digital banking offering will help Western Union transform the transactional relationships it has with its customers into closer customer-centric connections.

Thomas Mazzaferro, Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Western Union, said, “Our ambition is to provide our customers with cutting-edge financial solutions. By partnering with Mambu, we have built our digital banking products and services starting in Europe with Germany and Romania. The Mambu team and Western Union have come together in a truly collaborative partnership accelerating our financial services ambitions, while creating a scalable, cloud-agnostic product.

Western Union connects millions of consumers to their families and loved ones, and to the global economy, in more than 200 countries and territories and in more than 130 currencies.

The company offers a truly diverse omnichannel offering, bridging the digital and physical worlds with a global retail agent network of hundreds of thousands of locations, combined with one of the world’s largest cross-border digital person-to-person networks. person, reaching billions of bank accounts, as well as millions of digital wallets and cards.

Eugene Danilkis, CEO and co-founder of Mambu, said, “The industry has reached a tipping point for cloud adoption. Major financial institutions have started a global trend to move to agile cloud-native technology stacks and are now part of the ecosystem. Western Union embraced the cloud because it recognized that FIs of the future must engage their customers with great new products. We look forward to seeing Western Union wow its customers with modern and secure banking services.

About Mambu

Mambu is the world’s only true SaaS cloud banking platform. Launched in 2011, Mambu accelerates the design and construction of almost any type of financial offering for banks of all sizes, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos and more. Our unique composable approach means that independent components, systems and connectors can be assembled in any configuration to meet business needs and end-user demands. Mambu has 900 employees supporting 230 clients in over 65 countries – including N26, BancoEstado, OakNorth, Raiffeisen Bank, ABN AMRO, Bank Islam and Orange Bank. www.mambu.com

Sylvia B. Polson