Dogecoin co-founder says DOGE needs to market itself as a “digital currency”

Tomiwabold Olajide

DOGE Creator Slams Fraudulent Tokens, Calling Them ‘Crap Tokens’

Creator of Dogecoins Billy Marcus, or Shibetoshi Nakamoto, would prefer Dogecoin not go by the description of the “meme” cryptocurrency. Instead, he preaches that ”Dogecoin needs to market itself as a digital currency”.

In a thread of tweets, the DOGE creator criticizes the fraudulent tokens, calling them “shitty tokens”, which he defines as “any token ‘even’ anything that doesn’t have a case of use.any token that people spam on chats.”

He explains why Dogecoin needs to give up its meme status, saying, “There is already endless digital speculation and digital utility tokens and chains, and useless speculation tokens are being made daily. dogecoin is in the best position. to be the most used to buy and tip.”

He outlines how promoters can contribute to the Dogecoin project: “You can directly contribute to the code base, you can contribute to one of the many projects that the dogecoin foundation runs. nothing prevents you from helping the thing you want to achieve. speculation has drawn attention. work brings usefulness.”

As previously reported by U.Today, Dogecoin may see another baseline release, according to recently shared Github notes. The notes shared are for the release of Dogecoin v1.14.6. The recent version of Dogecoin, v1.14.5, was released in November 2021, to include important security updates and network policy changes.

In February, the creator of Dogecoin took to Twitter to announce his plans to push Dogecoin tips on Twitter.

To do this, Markus tweeted that he intends to post at least one tweet with the hashtag #DogeTwitterTipJar every day to constantly draw the attention of the Twitter team to his goal of advancing the use cases of Dogecoin for tips.

In his words, the creator of Dogecoin said he was just going to “keep listening to Twitter” because he thinks DOGE should be used to tip Twitter.

Earlier in February, social media giant Twitter introduced a feature that allows users of its mobile version to switch their favorite content creators to the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, after introducing Bitcoin. first.

Sylvia B. Polson