BankID, OneSpan partner on digital security

BankID will leverage the cloud authentication and anti-fraud offerings of the OneSpan digital banking platform to “improve the customer experience and help secure one of the most used applications in Norway,” according to one announcement published Wednesday, September 8.

BankID, a personal electronic identity document in a mobile application supported by both the Norwegian government and all Norwegian banks, is used to secure the identity of citizens and perform online transactions. Norwegians use the BankID app to access banking apps and view and sign documents, including tax forms and other legally binding documents, for digital services and businesses in various verticals.

BankID uses OneSpan’s mobile security suite, app shielding and cloud authentication to modernize its mobile app and improve security protocols. These solutions authenticate users and help protect the app against mobile threats and fraud.

“Innovation, flexibility and ease of use are part of Norway’s DNA as one of the most digitized countries in the world,” said Jan Bjerved, Director of Business Development at BankID, in the joint announcement.

“OneSpan’s strong expertise in the financial sector and its extensive mobile security capabilities have been important in this major modernization project,” he said. “We are eager to roll out our national identity scheme in other regions. “

“We have had a strong partnership with BankID in Norway and now more than ever we support their vision and execution of a secure digital identity,” said Steven Worth, Interim President and CEO of OneSpan, in the announcement.

“OneSpan’s digital identity and anti-fraud solutions enable financial service providers to deliver secure and reliable experiences while minimizing friction, mitigating fraud and reducing operational costs,” he said. -he declares.

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The FinTech mobile authentication platform Entersekt also recently partnered with BankID to offer financial institutions (FIs) in Norway a unified approach to managing identification protocols.

BankID and Entersekt will work together to help Norwegian banks integrate customers using BankID while complying with your customers and anti-money laundering (KYC / AML) regulations. FIs can also use BankID to verify electronic signatures.



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Sylvia B. Polson